Songfarm is a place for music creators to meet, mingle, and exchange their music and ideas freely with one another.

It allows for music exchange and digital transfers so artists all over the world can create something great together.

Welcome are musicians of any degree or instrument so that producers of music from anywhere in the world can find the musicians they need to complete their compositions.

The world has opened up in huge ways, let's harness that and expand our own music community with Songfarm.



Quickly and easily track, sort and organize all your finished and rough songs, lyrics, covers and co-writes, as well as analytics. All this so you can focus on more important things – like your music.

Get Farmed Out

One of the goals of Songfarm is to help get your songs discovered and "Farmed Out" to music consumers and Industry professionals. When you do, you'll receive the Farmed Out Badge publically visible on your profile and the freshly harvested song.

Tip Jar

Songfarm believes in supporting music talent. For that reason we've wired up the tip jar to feed direcly into your bank account so you'll receive instant deposits everytime a supporter donates to the cause.

Live Collaboration

Collaborate live in a virtual Songwriter's Circle and receive real-time feedback from other songwriters to help take your music to the next level. Join a live Songcircle today!

Campfire Style Performance

Songfarm's video performances capture authentic music talent. One guitar. One voice. As if you were listening around a campfire.


Discover your most popular songs, who's listening, and where in the world your biggest fans reside so you can make smarter decisions with your career.

Fair Business Practice

Receive 100% of the money you make on Songfarm. Whether through live performances, downloads, donations or Industry deals, Songfarm Artists always get a fair shake.

Live Concerts

Host a live concert to all your biggest fans from the comfort of your home and earn performance revenue without ever having to set foot on a tour bus.

The Songfarm Community

Songfarm is home to aspiring singer/songwriters, music industry professionals and fans. You never know who you'll meet when you become part of the Songfarm Community.

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